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As the music portion of this year’s SXSW festival in Austin wraps up, a recent article in Wired explores the use of social networking by many of the participating rock bands.  

“I’m not sure it [social networking] hurts bands that don’t do it, but there’s no question it can help the ones who do,” said TopSpin CEO Ian Rogers. And some networks (Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter, etc.) reach not only interested fans, but also their potentially interested friends. “The connection to fans … turns a casual listener into a fanatic,” added Rogers. “It makes them marketers of your art, in many cases, since those fans are plugged into not just you but networks of other similarly-minded individuals.”

If social networking can turn a musician into a rock star, imagine what it can do for your business.  Expand your “listener” base, build your fan club – Get Started today!

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