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One of the questions I am frequently faced with when presenting the idea of building a blog for a company is, “What will a blog help me to achieve for my business?”.  Now the answer can vary depending on the type of business or organization and the corresponding individual goals. And, the list of benefits can be long.  However, in the interest of providing a blanket answer and for purposes of this post…a blog can help offset negative marketing that comes direct FROM your consumers.

All growing businesses at some point have to deal with an unhappy customer and the outcome is not always a happy customer (no matter how hard you try to turn a negative experience into a positive one).  Since the advent of blogs and social networking, it has become much easier for those unhappy customers to broadcast their negative consumer experiences to their networks of family, friends, colleagues and whoever else may be listening.  As the company who may be the target for negative rantings, it’s important for you to be prepared to compete with unhappy customers.  The best preparation…a blog of your own!

Blogging and social networking for your business allows you to broadcast positive customer testimonials to your own group of family, friends, colleagues and whoever else may be listening (i.e. potential customers).  It provides a platform for your happy customers to EASILY report on their positive consumer experience. (People are less likely to share a positive experience than a negative one, so it’s important to make it easy to report the positive and perhaps even provide an incentive for them to do so.) That coupled with enhanced search engine optimization will ensure that your positive messages about your business overshadow whatever negativity about your business that may exist out there in the blogosphere.  And the best part?  Getting your blog built is easy and cost-effective – Get Started today!

Another shout out to Seth Godin for inspiring this post.  I highly recommend that you follow his blog!

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