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Call me old-fashioned but a part of me still believes that nothing can replace a smile and a hand shake when doing business.  In today’s fast paced world, many companies and organizations struggle to leave an impression.  People are inundated with information, advertising, and media coming from various sources.  As a consumer, it can be difficult to sift through the propaganda and find the truth behind the message.  As such, business owners are faced with an interesting dilemma; How do you reach out to the masses yet still provide highly  personalized service?

While it may not seem old-fashioned at face value, technology through the use of social media allows you to do both if used correctly.  Social media is an online marketing tool that can reach a mass audience in a targeted manner.  It helps your customer to understand the core of your business values.  Social media is a unique marketing platform in that it also provides you insight into what your customer wants and allows you to respond to your customers immediately and in a personalized manner.

It’s important to understand that when harnessing the power of social media you must be real.  No PR spins.  No one-sided positioning.  No in your face, buy-it-now messaging.  Instead, share your story.  Encourage feedback (good and bad) and respond in a manner that tells your customer that you are listening and that they are valued.  While you may not be able to physically reach out and shake a hand, your customer will still feel as if they know you personally, will be left with a positive impression about your business and will likely refer their friends.

Are you ready to tell the story of your business?


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