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Lots of buzz is coming out about the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin this week, particularly on the interactive front.  One major topic is social networks which are being called “email 2.0”, at least according to David Sacks, founder of business social network Yammer who was quoted in a  recent BBC article.

People are changing the way they communicate, moving away from email and toward the real-time, publishing format of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.  With  175 million users on Facebook alone, it’s easy to see where the buzz is coming from.  And as I watch the tweets coming from my friends on Twitter, I’m amazed.  Had I gone to Austin this week, I could have simply looked at my Twitter app on my iPhone and found endless updates from fellow Tweeters about where they were eating, meeting and socializing.  It is truly a revolutionary way to communicate in real-time with an unlimited audience.

Social Networks are the “new way to communicate”.  Make sure your business or organization doesn’t lose out on opportunities and get left in the soon-to-be dark ages of email 1.0…Get Started Today!

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