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The power of social media is growing every day and the viral messaging system Twitter is leading the charge. Thanks to the Tweetie app on my iPhone, I’m able to follow news real time throughout the day as reported on Twitter. I’m following most of the major news networks as well as industry experts for my field and other interesting characters. The best part is Twitter gives me at-a-glance summary information from anywhere in the world.

It’s been recently reported by the leading online social media news provider, Mashable, that the Swine Flu Outbreak is recording 10,000 tweets per hour on Twitter. This number boggles my mind. It’s amazing the viral reach that Twitter can measure (no pun intended!). However I can’t help but wonder if the power of social media could potentially inspire mass panic during a situation that is merely watch and wait? How do we filter the information coming from thousands of Twitterers to determine what is truly legitimate information? And if you are one of the truly legitimate organizations, how do you separate yourself from a pack of impassioned Twits who merely want more followers and do not have any valuable information to share? I’m confident that these questions will be answered as Twitter evolves. In the meantime, I believe, as in life, those who have hidden agendas will eventually be revealed and the truth will prevail. In order to be the ultimate champion and succeed within the world of social media, you must stay true to your customers and provide them with real value.

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