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Not long ago, I read an article published in USA Today about a cake decorator whose business increased by 15-20% as a direct result of her Twitter presence.  Today I’m reading an article published in AdAge about an unnamed company who saw a 28% return on their $1 million investment in a social media contest campaign that ran last year on MySpace.  According to that article the positive results can be seen in all scales of implementation:

Particularly by package-goods standards, that $1 million digital outlay with one site was large. But Dunnhumby has run similar studies with smaller digital campaigns.“Just about every one has seen some positive results,” Mr. LaRocca said. “And the ones that have had negative results … just had a poor message or poor targeting.”

Success stories related to social media and how it has a direct correlation to increased revenue are becoming more and more common .  And the return on investment is usually high, considering that social media has little to no hard costs associated with it, and is more of an investment in time and strategy.  Even for those companies who opt to have a third party manage their social media on their behalf, the ROI is still high as compared to traditional advertising methods.

That leads me to the point of this post.  What’s your social media success story?  Please respond with a comment if you’ve had any improvement to your business as a result of using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.   Whether it be a single new customer, an increase in revenue, improvement in your customer service, positive testimonial or all of the above, please share your story!

You can also share your story in the discussion section of the Kayne Interactive Facebook Page, so your friends can see and pass along the good news to their network!

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