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Social Media is a wonderful tool for old friends to reconnect, colleagues and associates to network, and businesses to promote their services and products.  However with the recent Facebook controversy related to the Holocaust denial group being allowed to remain on Facebook, inevitable questions are raised as to where the line should be drawn when it comes to freedom of speech versus terms of use violations.

Due to the power of social media, messages are broadcast to the world quickly and easily.  Personal opinion can be positioned as truth, propaganda can turn into news, and freedom of speech is sometimes used as an excuse for tolerating hateful agendas.  Due to the nature of social networking, the wrong “speech” could turn into broad scale hate-mongering.

We live in a country that provides us with great freedoms and people should be able to say whatever they choose even if it’s hurtful to others. However, it’s unfortunate that technology provides those with a hurtful intent a forum on which to spread offensive messages.  Which raises the question…are social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook responsible for keeping offensive content at bay?   To what extent do you feel they are responsible?  Facebook bans pornography…by allowing the Holocaust denial group to remain on their site, is Facebook sending the message that pornography is worse than hate speech?

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