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The latest buzz in social media is Four Square, a social networking site that is accessed as an application through your smartphone.  It  then works off of GPS, allowing the application to report where you are at any given time.  As you build your network, your approved friends can see your location real-time. The benefit? If you’re dining at a restaurant and have just sat down to order, a friend can post a recommendation of what to eat, mobile-to-mobile.  Out on the town?  Login to Four Square to find friends who may be in the same bar or club.

There are also perks from local businesses for dedicated Four Square users as Mashable reports:

Every popular venue has a mayor — the person who has visited the most in a given time period, and mayors are often entitled to perks like free coffee or sandwiches, depending on the place. At the very least, mayorship equals bragging rights, and many a Foursquare user has been unwittingly caught in an epic mayor battle.

I have to wonder if Four Square goes too far in terms of virtually eliminating your privacy.  On the flip side it bridges the gap between virtual relationships and the real, face-to-face ones that are fast becoming a thing of the past with the advent of Facebook and Twitter.

Foursquare is a social network that actually gets you out of your cave and into the real world with other living, breathing people. Once you nail a few basics down, it can add exponential value to your social life. Oh, and did I mention the free sandwiches?

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