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Announcing the launch of the new website today!   We’re proud to call Brain Balance Achievement Centers a client.  They are an incredible company that specializes in working with kids who suffer from neuro-behavioral and developmental disorders such as Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and Learning Disorders.  This site is a great  resource for parents and educators alike! Please check it out and tell your friends or even better follow Brain Balance on Twitter or “like” them on Facebook .  We’re particularly proud of “The Results” section.  Not only are the case studies a great testimonial to the success of the Brain Balance Program®, but the programming and functionality of that piece of the website took the collaboration of a very talented team of individuals who are the core of Virtue!

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  • Dr. Herman says:

    Do You have a phone #??

  • Tela Kayne says:

    Yes! We use Google Voice – Click the “Call Me” Button on the front page of the site, enter YOUR phone number and name and then leave a voicemail. We’ll call you back! OR you can reach us via contact form or via email getstarted [at] virtueagency [dot] com. Our methods ensure everyone BUT spammers can reach us 🙂

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