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It’s not by accident that I met Tiffany Fitzhenry and was introduced to her colorful characters and intriguing stories that have presented themselves over her lifetime and during the years we’ve been friends. Nor was it surprising that our conversations got deeper over time as we talked about the “Power of Now,” consciousness and the soul. And naturally, we continue to share an energy of abundance as she writes her first young adult trilogy, The Oldest Soul, and I, through The Virtue Agency, help her to share it via social media and digital marketing so that we can reach as many souls as possible.  It’s a story that is sure to resonate deeply with all audiences and possibly change lives. (And already has!)

The idea to use a Soul Test or personality-type quiz arose from the incredible world Tiffany has created in her first book, Animus. Her concept of nine soul types, based on the number of lifetimes lived, naturally leads the reader to the question, “Which soul type am I?” And of course it would be a presented as a quiz…could it be anything but? The marketing strategy seemed to fall into place of its own accord.

From there everything else fell into place…as if by synchronicity. We knew we were on the right path due to the effortless quality of our work together. That’s not to say it didn’t require a combination of unique talents, but the development of the plan came naturally – one meaningful coincidence after another.  The technology required to build the quiz revealed itself, Tiffany evolved the questions as if by magic, and the team necessary to make it happen just showed up. Our success is confirmed by the fact that The Animus Soul Test has received over 30,000 visits in just over a week and more importantly, a tremendous amount of engagement – the start of a true social media success story. [UPDATE: In roughly 60 days, the quiz has been taken by over 350,000 people from more than 140 countries around the world!]

This microcosmic glimpse into social media marketing showcases the importance of allowing social media campaigns to develop naturally. I’ve been known to preach the importance of keeping social conversation and messaging conversational and NOT promotional. This particular social media success story proves that this is the right approach.  We do not drive souls to the website through persistent ads or by asking them outright to buy something…instead we intrigue them by offering them something in return. It’s a win-win for all and synchronistically perfect.

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