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Four Square – The Next Generation of Social Networking

The latest buzz in social media is Four Square, a social networking site that is accessed as an application through your smartphone. It then works off of GPS, allowing the application to report where you are at any given time. The benefit? If you’re dining at a restaurant and have just sat down to order, a friend can post a recommendation of what to eat, mobile-to-mobile.

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Ikea Uses Facebook to Promote New Store on a Budget


Forsman & Bodenfors came up with another innovative digital campaign for Ikea by turning one of Facebook’s basic functions into a promotional tool, to promote the opening of the brand’s Malmo outpost, its most modern store to date.

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A Mad Approach to Advertising

Mad Men

When we examine social networking, you are achieving something much more valuable than advertising. You are creating referrals, testimonials and endorsements, which gives you instant credibility and a level of trust that traditional advertising simply cannot achieve.

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Advertising Times They are A-Changin

In this recession, marketers have learned that interactive marketing is more effective, and advertising less effective, per dollar spent. While budgets for online have decreased, they decreased less than other budgets. Six out of ten marketers we surveyed agreed with the statement “we will increase budget for interactive by shifting money away from traditional marketing.” Only 7% said “we have no plans to increase our marketing budget.”

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Technology Thrives Despite Economic Slowdown

It’s time to overcome the misconception that businesses don’t spend money during an economic downturn and embrace the fact that the American entreprenurial spirit fights for survival by spending money prudently. There is no company that exists that couldn’t improve their ability to communicate more often and with more relevance to a defined target. Social media provides that opportunity to leverage brand, build loyalty, maintain relevance and reach new customers by leveraging existing customers.

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Building an Interactive Website/Weblog for an Interactive Company

Please bear with us as we are currently building and working on this website live for your enjoyment! Visit frequently so you can witness first hand as we implement changes to the design and format. Once we get most of the fundamentals in place, we’ll start posting new content including tips for marketing the “smart […]

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