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Essentials for Engagement

Social Media Engagement Marketing

Marketing Manners + Social Intuition The primary goal of any social marketing integration campaign should be engagement. Many brands focus on sales conversions as the primary goal or key performance indicator (KPI), however when it comes to social media, an engaged customer is much more valuable than a converted one. Typical conversions are transactional and […]

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Synchronicity and a Social Media Success Story

Social Universe

It’s not by accident that I met Tiffany Fitzhenry and was introduced to her colorful characters and intriguing stories that have presented themselves over her lifetime and during the years we’ve been friends. Nor was it surprising that our conversations got deeper over time as we talked about the “Power of Now,” consciousness and the soul. […]

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Why Leaders Should Embrace Social Media (and Why Bosses Should Steer Clear)

Few people would argue that a business great like Sir Richard Branson is not a great leader. He has built many successful brands and businesses, is worth billions of dollars, and is an advocate for social and political change. He regularly encourages his teams to be better and sets the example by paving the way […]

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Can Social Media Prevent Brand Reinvention?

One of the most well known brand reinventors is The Coca-Cola Company, most notably after their release of New Coke in 1985 – commonly referred to as the New Coke debacle. There is speculation that Coke released this not-so-tasty new formula to re-inspire love of the original, especially considering that Coke generated significant sales gains upon […]

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Social Media Sites and Their Marketing Values

Below is a link to a great infographic depicting what each social media site is good for in terms of marketing value. Whether you’re trying to increase brand exposure, improve customer communication or increase site traffic and SEO, there is a social media outlet best suited for your strategy. Many companies feel that Facebook is […]

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Mashable Comic – Social Media Parenting

Social Media and Parenting | Kids and Social Media

Social Media and Parenting – A Comic from

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The Power of Social Media

It’s been recently reported by Mashable, that the Swine Flu Outbreak is recording 10,000 tweets per hour on Twitter. This number boggles my mind. It’s amazing the viral reach that Twitter can measure (no pun intended!). However I can’t help but wonder if the power of social media could potentially inspire mass panic during a situation that is merely watch and wait? How do we filter the information coming from thousands of Twitterers to determine what is truly legitimate information? And if you are one of the truly legitimate organizations, how do you separate yourself from a pack of impassioned Twits who merely want more followers and do not have any valuable information to share?

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