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Our integrated marketing approach is unique in that we start with the web first. We’ve flipped the advertising industry on its head. The website is no longer merely an honorable mention in a traditional print ad. Instead your web presence is the core element to all of your marketing and advertising. We view it as the foundation of your business. Your customer relationship management, your customer interaction and customer communication all now starts online. We utilize traditional media and public relations as tactics to drive more people to your website. Once online, our goal is to then provide visitors the opportunity to experience and interact with your brand and educate themselves on your products and services. A traditional ad agency is typically only interested in driving you the traffic. Our approach takes you well beyond by not only driving you the traffic but also qualifying your traffic, helping you convert prospects into customers, fortifying loyal relationships and influencing your customers’ peer groups.

Interactive Website Design & Development

The Internet ultimately is about content development at its core. People want the most current and accurate information available on demand. The websites that do the best job at providing accurate and timely information specific to their subject matter win. When we think of websites that receive a large amount of regular visitors, it’s the dynamic nature of the content that brings people back for more.  At The Virtue Agency, we’re experts at building a website that not only aggregates information through our content development package but also syndicates your site’s content to your customers, followers and fans.  As such, your website acts as a hub for all of your online marketing communications efforts.   Click to view our Interactive Website Wheel to see what we’re talking about.

Social Networking & Social Media Optimization

Social media websites such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to build a network of people and share elements of your life, your business, your organization or your cause with them. What was originally thought of as a way for friends and acquaintances to stay in touch more regularly has evolved into a true promotional medium of it’s own. Businesses, philanthropies, charitable causes, religious groups and government organizations are using social media sites to build a base of fans or followers and communicate with all of them simultaneously on a personal level. Social media is transcending communication formats such as direct mail, email marketing and newsletters by increasing the frequency of communication, the relevancy of the communication and virtually eliminating the cost to reach an unlimited number of interested people who have self selected or chosen to belong to a specific social network. The applications are limited to only your imagination.

After we finish building your interactive website, we start on the evolution of your social network. We determine which social networking sites are the best fit and create your expanded profile, develop your business page and set up your syndication feeds so that your  content is automatically posted and updated on each network.  Remember the Interactive Website Wheel from the last paragraph?

Content Development

The true value is content. Without fresh content you lose the interactive nature of your online presence and fade into the masses of static websites. Many business owners do not have the time or inclination to update their blog and social network on a regular basis.

The Virtue Agency offers a ghost writing package that will allow you to maintain your social network without spending hours researching topics for your blog post, writing compelling articles and updating your fans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… We take the time to understand your business, develop compelling content and stay abreast of your industry, so that your site is a valued resource for the most up-to-date information relevant to what you do.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of manipulating a specific website to achieve a high page rank within one or more search engines based upon keywords and phrases that exist within the website content.  In most cases, organic search engine traffic is the #1 producer of website traffic and accounts for better than 50% of all website traffic.  It’s also typically your most qualified traffic because it’s typically people seeking what you offer.  We could go on and on about SEO…in fact we do, here.  But the bottom line is that SEO is almost entirely dependent on quality CONTENT.  Are you making the connection? (if not see “Content Development”)

Local Directory Submission

We also understand the importance of appearing in the endless number of online directories, but which ones are most effective for your business?  From Yelp to Kudzu, we can not only tell you which directories are most suited for you but also set up your business so it is optimized for local and industry specific searches.

Search Engine Marketing | Paid Search

SEM or search engine marketing is perhaps the fastest and most measurable method of developing quality traffic, leads and customers.  The use of traditional advertising like print, TV or radio is based on the idea of targeting a demographic, hitting them with a message and hoping it not only resonates but that they are willing to receive that message at that moment, have a need or want and have the financial ability to act.  Search engine marketing is directive in nature, these are people looking for something you offer so by that fact alone it is far more effective than any single or collective form of traditional advertising.  Add in the fact that you pay only for performance, get millions of impressions for free and drive quality traffic to interact and experience your brand, it’s easy to understand why Google is the most profitable media company in the United States.  Where better can you educate and qualify your future customers than your website?   Sound good?  But wait we’ve got a lot to say about this too!

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Since we’re confident that you’ll have a huge influx of new prospects for your business and are certain to reconnect with your past customers, we feel obliged to help you stay organized and manage your leads in the most efficient way possible. Our Customer Relationship Management solutions will do just that. Not only will you have a single location where you and your staff can access information about all prospects and customers, but the information will also be accessible from anywhere! And once you have all of that valuable contact information in one place you can do so much with it.  You can segment your contact database into groups and create targeted, timely and relevant messaging.  Which brings us to…

Email Marketing

We can develop, design and implement direct to consumer or B2B email campaigns.  We send email newsletters to your customers, manage your subscriber lists, and track campaign performance.  In addition, we can provide you an automated newsletter using the content we’ve created for you.  Even if your prospects and customers don’t come back to your website as often as we’d like, we’ll make sure they get the latest information, keeping you top of mind.  Pretty cool, huh?

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