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As we indicated on our integrated services page, SEM or search engine marketing is perhaps the fastest and most measurable method of developing quality traffic, leads and customers.  Search Engine Marketing is the strategic process of developing a paid search engine campaign that can drive qualified traffic to your website in a cost effective manner.   Search Engine Marketing can include Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo and others, as appropriate for your business and budget.  Utilizing paid search and online ads, The Virtue Agency can provide your business with a customized, strategic marketing plan guaranteed to increase your prospect base.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is limited to the search engines measure and weighting of your existing content to the relevancy of the keywords being searched.  Search Engine Marketing SEM provides a broader reach.  SEM is based on a pay for performance model often referred to as paid search or pay-per-click. The ad impressions generated via the search engines are free. The advertiser only pays for traffic that actually visits the website.

Our approach at The Virtue Agency is to understand your goals, place a monetized ROI on each traffic unit, understand how that traffic translates into a lead and deliver a marketing campaign that is held accountable for cost and profitability.  The Virtue Agency also utilizes pay-per-click social media marketing tactics such as Facebook and MySpace along with link building techniques to ensure you are getting the most out of your online marketing budget.  Want to know even more?  Contact Virtue to get started!

Please Note: No traffic will be generated by the use of spam, adware, spyware, illegal, fraudulent or deceptive solicitation or gambling websites.


Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization aren’t complete if you can’t measure the results, refine strategy and tactics and monitor performance on an ongoing basis. Google Analytics provides virtually real time statistical reporting and analysis on nearly every action that takes place within your website. It’s web based, standard with hosting and available 24/7/365 from any computer. At Virtue Agency, we believe in complete transparency affording you the opportunity see first hand how your blog, social media network, content distribution, SEO and SEM are working collectively.

You’ll be able to review and run reports on:

  • What websites are referring traffic?
  • What keywords are driving traffic?
  • Which search engines are performing?
  • The conversion percentage of visitors
  • Overall site traffic growth – by week, month or year
  • Which content is most popular with visitors based on page views
  • Where is your traffic coming from – city, state or country
  • Cost per click and cost per conversion for SEM campaigns