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Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of your online marketing success. As we discussed in our integrated services section, organic search engine traffic is the #1 producer of website traffic and accounts for better than 50% of all website traffic.    SEO is divided into four primary categories that can be done independently of one another:

  1. Website Content Optimization
  2. Website Technical Optimization
  3. Offsite Optimization – Link Building
  4. Analytics & Tracking


  • Copywriting: Copywriting and SEO go hand-in-hand (remember when we talked about the importance of  quality content?). Copy that may have the most advertising or marketing appeal may not be what scores the best in search engine page rank. When we consider that over 50% of all site traffic should arrive organically, there is a trade-off to make when opting for standard brochure copy or long-form, optimized copy written to achieve keyword density, keyword popularity and keyword prominence.
  • Keyword Density: After choosing the Website’s keywords, the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign must decide where and how often to use them on the page. The keyword density is the percentage of words that correlate with the keyword, a calculation that helps search engines identify the page’s content and theme.
  • Keyword Popularity: What keywords to pick for your Website’s most successful Search Engine Marketing campaign and where to place them on the page are highly important issues. There are various means to identify such factors, one of which is researching the popularity of a given keyword in users’ searches over a period of time.
  • Keyword Prominence: Picking the right keyword for your Website, the most relevant word or phrase that will draw the most Web traffic to your site, is part of the foundation of SEO. Where to place the keyword on the page/in the text is no less significant. Keyword prominence is the location of the keyword on the page. The prominence affects visitors to the Website, as well as the search engine crawlers. Many tips and advice abound regarding keyword prominence and correct use of keywords for successful SEM campaigns.
  • Backlinks or Inlinks: Also called incoming links, inward links and inlinks, backlinks are incoming links to a Website or page. They measure the Website or page rank and also affect optimization considerations and calculations. By looking up backlinks on the search engine, Website owners can keep track of the number of pages that link back to them.

Process Implementation
Phase 1 – Client Research & Discovery: For SEO to be implemented successfully, a thorough understanding of the client is needed. Once all of the background and detail have been provided, the SEO implementation team can begin.

Phase II – Keyword Review & Approval: Following completion of the research, Virtue Agency will provide documentation for all meta content.

Phase III – Technical Development & Implementation: Following approval of the keywords, phrases and META copy, Virtue Agency will begin work on setting up all technical aspects of SEO as well as implementation of the optimized keywords and copy.

Phase IV – Diagnostic Check, Testing & Post Launch Review

Phase VII – Social Networking & Link Building: The largest determining factor of page rank is link popularity. Search engines determine how many inbound links are generated by a website and increase page rank based on the volume of inbound links, the quality and the relevancy. Google believes that the number of quality links re-directing traffic to a specific website is indicative of content quality.  The list of social networking websites may vary from client to client. The fee for social network linking is based upon setting up client profiles with 20 social networking websites.

Phase VIII – Ongoing Research, Adjustments & Monthly Fees: Search engine marketing does not end after the implementation. There are numerous factors that will impact it such as the addition or removal of content on the website, competitor enhancements or changes to search engine algorithms and page rank criteria. Our goal is to set quarterly goals and objectives for page rank results and work toward achieving those goals using additional strategies and tactics.

Additional Notes
To perform search engine optimization, Virtue Agency must host and maintain the website internally.   An additional estimate for the transfer of the website, monthly hosting, web analytics reporting and website maintenance will be provided upon request. These costs are not included in the cost of SEO setup or monthly maintenance. Implementation of any SEO recommendations on a monthly basis will be estimated upon request.  Contact Virtue to get started!