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Social Media Sites and Their Marketing Values

Social Media Landscape

Below is a link to a great infographic depicting what each social media site is good for in terms of marketing value. Whether you’re trying to increase brand exposure, improve customer communication or increase site traffic and SEO, there is a social media outlet best suited for your strategy. Many companies feel that Facebook is […]

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April is Launch Month at Virtue!

BioVeda Technologies

I guess it’s a good sign when client work is keeping us so busy that we’ve neglected our own updates! Lots of news and April is an especially active month. This month we officially announce the launch of The Virtue Agency website. The Virtue Agency is the next evolution of Kayne Interactive. We work with some incredible talent, in a virtual environment and so, Virtue is born. This month we also launch several client sites, including:

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A Mad Approach to Advertising

Mad Men

When we examine social networking, you are achieving something much more valuable than advertising. You are creating referrals, testimonials and endorsements, which gives you instant credibility and a level of trust that traditional advertising simply cannot achieve.

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What’s Your Social Media Success Story?

It seems every day, I hear of another success story related to social networking and how it has a direct correlation to increased revenue. And the return on investment is usually high, considering that social media has little to no hard cost associated with it, only time. Even for those companies who opt to have a third party manage their social media on their behalf, the ROI is still high as compared to traditional advertising. That leads me to the point of this post. What’s your social media success story?

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The Values of Social Media

Call me old-fashioned but a part of me still believes that nothing can replace a smile and a hand shake when working with a customer. In today’s fast paced world of business, many companies and organizations struggle to leave an impression. People are inundated with information, advertising and media coming from various sources and as a consumer it can be difficult to sift through the propaganda and find the truth behind the message. As such business owners are faced with an interesting dilemma: How do you reach out to the masses yet still provide highly personalized service?

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Blog to Compete with Your Customers?

One of the questions I am frequently faced with when presenting the idea of building a blog for a company is, “What will a blog help me to achieve for my business?”.

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