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Four Square – The Next Generation of Social Networking

The latest buzz in social media is Four Square, a social networking site that is accessed as an application through your smartphone. It then works off of GPS, allowing the application to report where you are at any given time. The benefit? If you’re dining at a restaurant and have just sat down to order, a friend can post a recommendation of what to eat, mobile-to-mobile.

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Are You a Social Networking Rock Star?

As the music portion of this year’s SXSW festival in Austin wraps up, a recent article in Wired explores the use of social networking by many of the participating rock bands.

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Interaction is the Key to Success

After reading the above, I started thinking about how this applies to Kayne Interactive and what we are trying to achieve for our clients. We are after all an “interactive” company, so interaction is key to our business. And with the rising popularity of blogs and social networking, there is no better time than now to evolve your marketing campaign into an interactive format.

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