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Four Square – The Next Generation of Social Networking

The latest buzz in social media is Four Square, a social networking site that is accessed as an application through your smartphone. It then works off of GPS, allowing the application to report where you are at any given time. The benefit? If you’re dining at a restaurant and have just sat down to order, a friend can post a recommendation of what to eat, mobile-to-mobile.

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The Power of Social Media

It’s been recently reported by Mashable, that the Swine Flu Outbreak is recording 10,000 tweets per hour on Twitter. This number boggles my mind. It’s amazing the viral reach that Twitter can measure (no pun intended!). However I can’t help but wonder if the power of social media could potentially inspire mass panic during a situation that is merely watch and wait? How do we filter the information coming from thousands of Twitterers to determine what is truly legitimate information? And if you are one of the truly legitimate organizations, how do you separate yourself from a pack of impassioned Twits who merely want more followers and do not have any valuable information to share?

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Social Networks are the New Email

People are changing the way they communicate, moving away from email and towards the real-time, publishing format of social networks such as Facebook. With 175 million users, it’s easy to see where the buzz is coming from. And as I watch the tweets coming from my friends on Twitter, I’m amazed. Had I gone to Austin this week, I could have simply looked at my Twitter app on my iphone and found endless updates from fellow Tweeters about where they were eating, meeting and socializing. It is truly a revolutionary way to communicate in real-time with an unlimited audience.

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