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Ikea Uses Facebook to Promote New Store on a Budget

Forsman & Bodenfors came up with another innovative digital campaign for Ikea by turning one of Facebook’s basic functions into a promotional tool, to promote the opening of the brand’s Malmo outpost, its most modern store to date.

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The Values of Social Media

Call me old-fashioned but a part of me still believes that nothing can replace a smile and a hand shake when working with a customer. In today’s fast paced world of business, many companies and organizations struggle to leave an impression. People are inundated with information, advertising and media coming from various sources and as a consumer it can be difficult to sift through the propaganda and find the truth behind the message. As such business owners are faced with an interesting dilemma: How do you reach out to the masses yet still provide highly personalized service?

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Technology Thrives Despite Economic Slowdown

It’s time to overcome the misconception that businesses don’t spend money during an economic downturn and embrace the fact that the American entreprenurial spirit fights for survival by spending money prudently. There is no company that exists that couldn’t improve their ability to communicate more often and with more relevance to a defined target. Social media provides that opportunity to leverage brand, build loyalty, maintain relevance and reach new customers by leveraging existing customers.

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