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A Mad Approach to Advertising

Mad Men

When we examine social networking, you are achieving something much more valuable than advertising. You are creating referrals, testimonials and endorsements, which gives you instant credibility and a level of trust that traditional advertising simply cannot achieve.

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Advertising Times They are A-Changin

In this recession, marketers have learned that interactive marketing is more effective, and advertising less effective, per dollar spent. While budgets for online have decreased, they decreased less than other budgets. Six out of ten marketers we surveyed agreed with the statement “we will increase budget for interactive by shifting money away from traditional marketing.” Only 7% said “we have no plans to increase our marketing budget.”

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What’s Your Social Media Success Story?

It seems every day, I hear of another success story related to social networking and how it has a direct correlation to increased revenue. And the return on investment is usually high, considering that social media has little to no hard cost associated with it, only time. Even for those companies who opt to have a third party manage their social media on their behalf, the ROI is still high as compared to traditional advertising. That leads me to the point of this post. What’s your social media success story?

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Interaction is the Key to Success

After reading the above, I started thinking about how this applies to Kayne Interactive and what we are trying to achieve for our clients. We are after all an “interactive” company, so interaction is key to our business. And with the rising popularity of blogs and social networking, there is no better time than now to evolve your marketing campaign into an interactive format.

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